Mar - 18

Sparkies 15th Anniversary 4/18/18

By Steve Suser In Events with Comments Off on Sparkies 15th Anniversary 4/18/18


Come help us celebrate our 15th year in action serving the community and let us celebrate your support by giving you a throw-back menu with throw-back pricing!!!  Click on this “Menu”  link to see what old school goodness we are bringing back to life!!!!

Oct - 17

News Taps Are Here!

By Brian D. In Events with Comments Off on News Taps Are Here!

Sparkies Kitchen and Bar has an all new tap! Take a look at the new menu below to see all the new available options. While you’re at it, check out our new wine menu too.

And, don’t forget to stay connected with us on Facebook for more info and updates on our new taps!

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